Bethany Cart

Warner's Market

In this exciting project, I had the pleasure of envisioning a new brand identity for Warner’s Market, a unique establishment that combines a southern restaurant with a high-end vintage furniture store. I crafted a captivating logo that embodies the essence of both the culinary and vintage aspects of the business. Additionally, I created striking email templates, engaging social media graphics, and a comprehensive branding system that harmoniously tied everything together. The result is a cohesive and appealing brand that not only captures the spirit of Warner’s Market but reflects the establishment’s distinct charm.


Our primary goal was to establish a visual narrative that humanizes Tia’s healthcare services and fosters a connection with their audience. By deviating from clinical precision and embracing organic imperfections, we aimed to communicate Tia’s commitment to personalized care, empathy, and a holistic approach to primary care and wellness.

Shrock Construction

I was thrilled to help Shrock Construction update their website with a fresh, modern feel. By crafting a user-centric design and revamping the layout, I succeeded in creating a digital space that not only enhances user experience but also resonates with the company’s commitment to transparency. 


MedExperts sought to revamp their website to not only draw in new patients but also attract talented doctors to join their team. The result is a compelling online presence that showcases Medexperts’ professionalism, fosters trust, and appeals to both potential patients and medical professionals.

Girl Scouts

Over the course of multiple projects, I collaborated closely with the organization, leveraging their existing brand guide to ensure consistency while pushing the boundaries of creativity. By designing within their brand framework, I achieved a harmonious blend of familiarity and innovation, creating a cohesive and visually compelling digital presence that resonates with their target audience.

Elite Arborist

This project involved an overhaul of Elite Arborist’s website, focusing on improving user experience and enhancing competitiveness within the industry. I streamlined navigation and content organization, using visually engaging design to propel Elite Arborist’s online presence.  The result was a modernized platform that effortlessly conveyed services, showcased past projects, and solidified their position as industry leaders.

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Resourceful & Disciplined

As a young designer, I am driven by an unwavering motivation and immense passion for my craft. I thrive on the excitement of pushing the boundaries of my skills and seeking new avenues for growth and improvement. Each project I undertake becomes an opportunity to challenge myself and elevate my work to new heights. With a keen eye for detail and a commitment to excellence, I take great pride in producing work that is meticulously crafted and showcases the depth of my skills.